Volunteer Posting – WSKEO Program Assistant

We Should Know Each Other is growing!

What was once a modest community-building event series in a Calgary living room has become a rapidly-expanding national phenomenon, with enormous potential to go in a number of yet-to-be-determined directions.

Mark Hopkins, founder of WSKEO, is seeking a Program Assistant to help maintain and expand We Should Know Each Other through this exciting phase of its evolution. The successful candidate will be:

  • Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada;
  • Passionate about building community and social capital;
  • Skilled in communications and event planning; and
  • Friendly and outgoing.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Writing copy for the WSKEO website and newsletters;
  • Maintaining and updating the WSKEO website (WordPress interface);
  • Maintaining the WSKEO communications database and distributing the electronic newsletters;
  • Managing WSKEO’s social media presence (Facebook & Twitter);
  • Recruiting and overseeing event volunteers;
  • Assisting in imagining, planning and hosting WSKEO events; and
  • Helping to envision the future of WSKEO.

This is a volunteer position with flexible hours and no fixed workplace. It will require a commitment of approximately 5 hours/week, with additional time for events (planning and attendance). You will be working in close collaboration with Mark Hopkins.

To apply, please send your CV and a short cover letter (summarizing your interest in the position and relevant experience) to Mark Hopkins at mark@swallowabicycle.com. Please apply by May 21, 2013.