WP Puppet Theatre

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Room 301
Sat: 10 am-4 pm, Sun: 10 am-4 pm


Create a Character: Choose the features and decorations from a mountain of haberdashery to create a simple and fun cloth based hand puppet. Finish your design by sewing it together or leave it with our volunteers to do. Next develop a profile/character for each of the puppets. Pose for a photo with your creation. 
The puppets we create will be used as donations and gifts at WPTS events donated to other organizations when we receive requests.


WP Puppet Theatre touring Canada and overseas, inspiring young audiences with ‘inanimate objects’ and their riveting stories. Engaging thousands of children in workshops, sparking their creativity, nurturing their amazing imaginations, encouraging and training adults to use puppetry as an effective and enduring communication tool. “Animating the Spirit” since 1991.