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Room 406
Sun: 11 am & 2:00 pm


Session 1, 11:00 – 12:00ish: Building strong communities.

This activity will be a creative discussion about community: What does community mean to you? What do you like that is happening in your community and what would you like to see happen? Participants will have the opportunity to discuss community building and express the meaning of community in any way that they feel comfortable.  We encourage images/poems/songs/short stories /haikus/performances/storytelling.. (well, you get the picture) to demonstrate what community means and how they see the role of art in building interactive/engaging public spaces. These words and images will be hung up in the space for the duration of the day where other people can add to them if so inclined.

Session 2, 14:00-15:00: Seed Balls.

Seed balls are just that – balls of nourishing earth with seeds in the middle that can be thrown at any patch of earth that could use a little more life! We will be making seed balls with seeds of plants native to Calgary that do best when planted in the fall. While making the seed balls there will no doubt be a lively discussion about the value of natural ecosystems, wild plants and the critters they attract, and the importance of natural spaces in our communities. Join us to get your hands a little dirty, make a seed ball and join in the discussion.


What’s Next is a monthly Popular Education/Skill Share Series that has been happening each month for the past year at the Old Y Centre for Community Organizations (223 12 Avenue SW).  Popular education is a form of community building and learning where everyone shares their knowledge from a place of equality and acceptance. This is a lot more fun than that sounds! It’s basically the way that learning and sharing have happened until education became a professionalized near-monopoly. Think of barn raising, quilting bees, building a tree fort, going on a nature walk with friends, or having a long discussion at the coffee shop or at a campfire. That’s the spirit of popular education. What’s Next is free, fun, and you will always leave with either a skill, a new understanding, or something cool that you made. You’ll meet new people and see familiar people in a new way. Sessions happen the third Monday of every month and topics vary and can be suggested by anyone and everyone. Invite anyone; all welcome! If you would like to join us, learn more, suggest a topic to teach or be taught – get in touch with us!

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Contact: whatsnextcalgary@gmail.com