The Women’s Centre of Calgary

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Corridor 300
Sat: 10 am-3 pm

Our activity is engaging attendees in conversations about poverty and ultimately about social change. We will ask you trivia questions about women in poverty. Whether you answer correctly is unimportant; the questions are simply a way to stimulate conversation and get us talking about poverty and social change. If you would like, you can write on a sticky note one thing that you would change in our city or province, and place your note on the wall for others to view.


The Women’s Centre of Calgary is a unique, street-front organization. Our vision vision is a world where women are supporting communities and communities are supporting women. We work toward that vision by providing a safe place for women to get assistance, connect with others and work for change.The Women’s Centre Social Issues Committee examines poverty from a gendered lens and makes policy recommendations to the three levels of government on how to reduce poverty.