Stephen Riether

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Room 402
Sat: 10 am-6 pm, Sun: 10 am-4 pm

“The Federal Reserve” is an interactive installation art piece that is part of the “Games People Play” sub-series of “State of the Union” (SOTU) which is intended to generate conversation about the American economy.

The Federal Reserve is the central banking system for the U.S.A. created in 1913 to control money. My model of the U.S. Federal Reserve building is made out of 3456 Jenga like blocks with U.S. dollars printed on them.  Viewers will be invited to write their dreams on a post-it note then to remove two blocks from the building and put them on top.  This act of taking a block from the bottom and putting it on top resembles removing currency’s capital base and reinterpreting it as debt which results in the weakening of the whole monetary system and eventually the collapse of the “American Dream”.  The installation demonstrates the effects of QE1, QE2, QE3, etc…

As the Federal Reserve collapses we will see what hides behind the façade.