Rosalba Baptista (ArtsCan)

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Room 304
Sat: 1-4 pm

I want to inspire the public and the participants of WSKEO #100 through a dynamic and creative activity that integrates art, music, environment and people. The goals are to demonstrate how an artist’s work is influenced by her surroundings, human interactions, and sensorial experiences, and to provide the stimuli for thought-provoking and improvised exchanges and conversations among the members of the community and the participants.

I will develop a set of spontaneous paintings in acrylic, starting from scratch, and at the rhythm of music. The set is not intended to be a sequence but different interpretations of what I observe and feel in the environment during the event, as well as my interaction with the public.

Art has always been a human activity that foster the unveiling of our internal being; I have great expectations that the activity will be long-lasting in the memories of the public, and will foster the best remembrances of WSKEO #100.


Since I was a child I loved painting.

It was in 1975 when I decided to quit the study of medicine and dedicate my life to visual arts. I always remember that moment of happiness, which I can translate as freedom, when I decided to pursue what I really loved, to paint and draw, from that moment on, I started to study drawing and painting. It was in 1982, I could go to the United States, in order to study art. I graduated in the Pennsylvania State University in 1986 with a Bachelor in Fine Art. When I returned to my home country (Venezuela), I started to build my studio; where I continued working not only in painting, drawing, sculpture, but also to make jewelry and in art glass. In October 2004, I immigrated to Canada along with my husband and three children to live in Sherbrooke, Quebec. There, during one year and eight months, I had the opportunity to go out and to paint the landscape. In 2006, we moved to Calgary, since then, I have been enjoying going outside and taking advantage to admire and study the way to translate on the canvas, the scenery that surrounded me.

Everyday, I continue to discover ways to express the passion I feel for the beauty of arts. I continually search for means to visually convey to the spectator my inner feelings.

Painting is a medium I use to capture the moments that draw my attention and inspire me. I challenge my artistic abilities to illustrate and interpret what I see and feel at that moment. I draw, paint, I make jewelry and sculpt to reflect what I have in front of me and what I feel. Then, with a simple bold stroke by using the palette full of colors, I ignite life to it on paper or canvas. To complete the painting, the spectator can interpret what I have done.

At the end, it is the spectator who completes the work of art.