Project Scatter Joy

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Room 310
Sat: 10 am-4 pm, Sun: 10 am-4 pm

I want to scatter joy at WSKEO #100 by using my Co-Active Coach training to spur on conversations, ask people powerful questions and get people playing within their own transformation. Anything will go with this free-for-all session in which willing participants can be coached privately, openly in front of a group or as a couple/team. I will be using powerful questions to get people’s creative juices flowing. This will be a cross between improvisation, coaching, conversation and whatever comes into the space.


In the chaos of 2012 and lives filled with lengthy to-do lists, it can be challenging to hear the quiet voice of your own inner Sage. In the past, in my own life when facing “big” decisions, rather than allowing a deeper connection to help inform my next move, I made choices by only consulting with my neck up. Further to that, the external world does not empower us to find our own strength from the inside out but rather, everywhere you look, your surroundings contain messages of how you lack in terms of your physical, financial, personal, professional, emotional and spiritual life.

The secret is: you lack absolutely nothing. I will teach you how to plug into the current of your own power source within your body, and in doing so ignite your own infinite realm of possibilities. If you look, you will find nothing but abundance inside of you. You have absolutely everything you need to find or maintain your own fulfilling path, which is a life saturated with bliss, and to share your own unique gifts in a meaningful way. Living a life of purpose and meaning is not only something you deserve but is something you are obligated to explore. If you find yourself searching for more, craving a stronger sense of purpose, need to clarify your current direction or are hitting a glass ceiling, then exploring Project Scatter Joy may set you on a new adventure and romance with your Self.