Ouija Self-Portraits with Maestro McMillan

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Room 309
Sat: 10 am-6 pm, Sun: 10 am-4 pm


Does the Ouija table really move by itself and does it paint an accurate picture of the truth? Well, with help from the marvelous gift of Gary McMillan, the Artistic Medium, you can now find out the answer to these mysteries. Sit down in a chair and hang onto a very  long  paintbrush and watch astonished as a ‘self-portrait’ appears on an artist’s canvas before your unbelieving eyes. With the guidance of Maestro McMillan at the distal end of the handle, the brush will move your willing hand and the deepest truth about your soul will be revealed. For your participation in this act of arcane chicanery, you may retain your painting for posterity.

Claim:   Gary McMillan is an actual living artist who thinks he knows what he is doing.

Disclaimer:  This whole undertaking is for entertainment purposes only. Mr. McMillan  cannot be held accountable for claims regarding anything unverifiable. This effort in no way seeks to reproduce or seriously mimic an Ouija Board experience.


Born in 1959, Gary became keenly interested in drawing at a young age. By high  school  he was painting in oil on canvas and has been doing so ever since. In 1989 he attended the Alberta College of Art with a double major in painting and printmaking, graduating with honours in 1991. Currently, his work is a synthesis of his interests  in landscape, figurative and abstract painting

Over the years Gary has travelled extensively, visiting many major art museums in both Europe and the United States.  In his view, the old and new masters continue to provide invaluable lessons in technique and clarity of vision. When not travelling, Gary lives and works in an old 1912 house near downtown Calgary with his librarian wife and young son.