Media and Visual Arts Housing Association of Calgary (MaVA)

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Rooms 107, 108, 130, 140, 142 & 145, Corridors 205, 300 & 400
Sat: 10 am-6 pm, Sun: 10 am-4 pm

The Media and Visual Arts Housing Association of Calgary (MaVA) brings a cavalcade of local artists to the King Edward School, with a wide range of activities including artist studios, installations, screenings, animation stations and more, all throughout the building!

Activities include:


Room 108 – Installation by Jill Armstrong
Rooms 140 & 142 – Studio with Janice Blaine and Tony Blocker, CSIF Educational Films From the Archives, Hye-Seung Jung Interactive Art Installation
Room 145 – Installation by Jack Bride
Corridors 205, 300 & 400:
Work for sale by: Tony Blocker, Janice Blaine, Carmen Bellingham, verna vogel, Aran Wilkinson-Blanc, chris zajko, Cindy Santa, Will Lee, Gonzalo Figueroa, Sharon Verrall, June Hills, Darrin Hartman.
Projections: Monstrocity by Martin Warszawski, Bloom by Sitji Chou.


Room 107 – Interactive Media Art Creation with Emmedia
Room 130 – Fairytales Speaking Booth
Rooms 140 & 142 – Interactive Animation Station with Quickdraw Animation Society


Room 107 – Screening of Interactive Art
Room 130 – Fairytales Speaking Booth Screenings



The Media and Visual Arts Housing Association of Calgary (MaVA) began in 2007 as a partnership of several media and visual arts centres and collectives with the objective of developing and establishing a Media and Visual Arts Centre for Calgary.  MaVA’s goal is to develop a world-class Media and Visual Arts (MaVA) Centre for Calgary that is a significant community asset controlled by artists and artist-run organizations for the betterment of all media and visual arts groups within the City of Calgary.   MaVA’s primary mandate is to provide affordable, sustainable and long-term housing for its current and future partner organizations.  MaVA is committed to not only solving the space issues of its member organizations today, but to also be a facilitator for other groups to achieve similar objectives in the future. Current member organizations are: EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society, Quickdraw Animation Society, Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers, Untitled Art Society/UAS Satellite Gallery, and Fairytales Presentation Society.