Mark Vazquez-Mackay

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Room 306
Sat: 10 am-4 pm, Sun: 10 am-4 pm

I started this project in January of 2012. My objective is to complete 100 drawings of 100 people in Calgary. Other than the portrait sitter, all the variables such as the materials and the dimensions have been kept the same as to hopefully focus on the individual characteristics that make us all individuals. Rather than working from secondary references, I am working directly from life in attempts at capturing the most character rather than a specific likeness.

Since January, I have been spending 2-3 hours on each drawing. On average, I do one drawing per week. For the continuum of the project at the Kink Edward School, I will attempt one drawing per hour for six hours both days.


Born and raised in Calgary, Mark Vazquez-Mackay started his Art Education at the Alberta College of Art and Design, graduating from the painting department in 2001. Immediately after he moved to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico to complete his MFA from the University of Guanajuato. Since then, Mark has been maintaining a steady artistic practice as a painter and drawer while teaching in ACAD’s Extended studies program.