King Edward School Photography Exhibition

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Room 237
Sat: 10 am-10 pm, Sun: 10 am-4 pm

During the spring of 2012, cSPACE was pleased to invite selected groups and interested individuals to photograph the 1912 King Edward School in its current state before redevelopment. Participants were encouraged to submit images under various categories (Interior, Exterior, Abstract and Monochrome) to a juried photography competition focused on the exploration of this unique historic sandstone school and celebration of its transformation into a 21st century arts hub and incubator.

cSPACE encouraged a diverse range of photographic submissions from participants and encouraged them to document the interior and exterior of the school in its unoccupied state before portions are demolished and/or rehabilitated; explore details of the unique architectural elements of sandstone school design; capture the essence and distinct traces left throughout the school from days gone by; and to artistically frame intriguing perspectives and narratives yet to be imagined.

A professional jury was created to select 20 photographs to be publicly exhibited during Doors Open at King Edward and to choose competition winners. 5 Honourable mentions, a Judges Choice Award ($500), and Community Choice Award ($500) will be announced at the exhibition on September 29th through 30th. Many thanks to our participant groups that included Alberta College of Art and Design, Studio C, Calgary Institute of Photography, individual photographers of all skill levels and our distinguished panel of judges.


cSPACE Projects is a non-profit real estate enterprise dedicated to developing a network of multi-disciplinary creative workspaces across the city. The transformation of King Edward School into an Arts Hub and Incubator will be a showcase of leading thinking and practice around sustainable placemaking, and is the first in a future portfolio of spaces for cSPACE Projects.