Janey Luc-German (ArtsCan)

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Room 303
Sun: 11 am-3:30 pm

Sit down for a 12-minute portrait or caricature, as part of Janey’s Passions.


Each chapter of life is challenging and valuable.  Experiencing in social changes from capitalism to communism in Vietnam, now I am living in a democratic society.  These have matured me with knowledge to adventure life with wisdom.

I am the Workshop committee for the Calgary Sketch Club and one of the founder members of ArtsCan Cooperative for Artists.  Striving for opportunities, I participate in various activities, exhibitions and events such as court sketch artist for CTV, art instructor for Kerby Centre, Confederation Park +55, Whitehorn Village Retiring Community Centre, Edelweiss Preparatory Elementary School; and quick sketch artist for special events.  I have painted portraits for Grade 6 graduates for four years.  My most ambitious accomplishments were drawing 147 Grade 9 graduates for two years.  These devotions had granted me the Roland Gissing Trophy in 2009 by the Calgary Sketch Club for outstanding contribution to community.

Art is within my soul.  By participating, I gain valuable experiences and confident that one can not achieve in academic.  Through my arts I intend to integrate my experiences, knowledge and feeling into creations that reach others.