Encaustic Painting Demonstration by Tracy Proctor

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Room 140
Sat: 11 am-6 pm


The resurgence of encaustic painting is growing as artists discover the luminous color, depth and variety of texture that can be achieved with beeswax. Ancient Egyptians created an art form in 400 BC that is alive today with many contemporary artists since its revival with Jasper Johns in the 1950s. The alchemy of the elements of fire, air, and molten pigmented wax creates the sensuous beauty of wax paintings. The process of encaustic painting is a seduction and enticement to many artists because its varied uses and expressions are vast. This work has an amazing range, from sheer and translucent to boldly opaque and sculptural. Come discover a glimpse of how encaustic painting is done with a live interactive demonstration by Tracy Proctor.


Tracy Proctor is curator and owner of Swirl Fine Art & Design in Calgary’s downtown core. The gallery represents regional and local artists with one common thread – passion illuminates in their work.  Ten years of experience in the Interior Design industry influenced her love for color and composition and her formal education in business enhanced her ability to market what she loves. Tracy teaches encaustic workshops twice monthly.

“I am primarily a self taught artist with a passion for encaustic.  Once I discovered this ancient art of painting with molten wax (hardened with dammar resin and mixed with oil paint) – I never looked back.  I intuitively paint, carve, and scrape – then fuse with a heat gun, iron or blowtorch. The spontaneous responses initiate a dialogue between me and the wax. This luscious and engaging medium fits for me, as it allows for an unfolding of mystery to be revealed as each layer is built up or gouged away.  Richly textured depth with an ethereal and luminous quality cannot quite be achieved with any other medium.”