Decidedly Jazz Danceworks

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containR (South entrance)
Sat: 6-6:30 pm

BOOMBOX: Six dancers move to highly percussive music in an innovative response to the containR venue.

Audrey Gaussiran
Marc Hall
Catherine Hayward
Shayne Johnson
Natasha Korney
Dinou Marlett-Stuart

Choreography: Kimberley Cooper


The Company of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks was founded in 1984 with the objective of creating concert jazz dance that sustains the spirit and traditions of jazz. After almost three decades of work, a distinct and eclectic style that mixes groove, African roots, rhythm, improvisation, interplay with musicians, and deeply human soul, has distinguished DJD on the international jazz dance stage. Our founders and artists are progressive historians, innovating boldly while maintaining a respectful and loving eye on the roots of jazz.

The Company has created more than 50 full-length performances, many featuring live musicians including notables such as the late Big Miller, Tommy Banks, Mark Murphy, PJ Perry and Jackie Richardson to name just a few. Decidedly Jazz Danceworks performs two original productions each season to inspire our audiencesand evolve the art of jazz dance boldy forward.

Our artists and teachers offer classes in jazz and related forms and evolve and enhance jazz through creative collaborations and outreach activities locally, nationally and internationally. Our artists have shared our unique vision across Canada, in the United States including at The School at Jacob’s Pillow, in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.