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Outside (South entrance)
Sat: 10 am-10 pm, Sun: 10 am-4 pm ~ Facebook event

A kaleidoscope of theatre, cinema, dance and performing arts travelling in a nomadic gallery caravan. containR has arrived.Do you dare to miss it?

Fluid Festival redefines the concept of shipping containers — a standardized industrial construction that connects countries and continents, linking ideas, trade and people around the globe. At the Fluid Festival, the recycled containers become containR, connecting communities through art. containR sits at the crossroads of urban culture and contemporary creation, embracing public art and sustainable design. Using green design, industrial utility metamorphoses into performance space offering a continuously transforming rotation of art in our city.

During Culture Days containR will feature a collection of artists on film and in live performance that are all associated with containR events during the Fluid Festival.

Film artists in include Mark Adam Trevor Anderson, Cam Christiansen, Kris Demeanor Hugh Dillon, Greg Doble, Jesse Gouche and Xstine Cook, Patricia Harris Seeley, Karen Hines, Mike Hollenbeck, Michael Naphan, Kari McQueen, Nicole Mion, Sandra Sawatzky, Evann Siebens, Sandi Somers, Jeff Tran, and International invited guests. The films play on loop 24 hrs a day.

Live performances include Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Taryn Javier. Jessica Barrera, Nicole Tritter, Danielle Wensley, La Caravan, Pam Tzeng, Gemma Crow & Miku Tsuchiya, Sally Raab & Sarah Curts, Lindsay Brandon & Jessalyn Britton, Kyle Hilton & Erin Lequereux, Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed & Jason and Owin Galeos.


Springboard is a non-profit organization devoted to connecting artists, mediums, audiences, the body and the mind through physical contemporary creation.

We facilitate artist and audience development, illuminate process, inspire creation, and encourage groundbreaking methods of envisioning, representing, and responding to contemporary life. Springboard focuses on collaborative exploration, performance, new media, and creation residencies using a multi-disciplinary platform.
Springboard was incorporated as the Springboard Dance Collective twenty-one years ago by a group of Calgary dancers and choreographers who wanted an opportunity to perform their own work. In 2003, Nicole Mion, as the last member of the collective, took over the company and its mandate.

Springboard bridges disciplines with clustered festival programming, creative residencies, workshops, lectures, performances and round table discussions. Springboard champions exploration of physical contemporary practices; in deepening understanding of art and ideas, and supports the aesthetic risk-taking that challenges both artists and audiences with new ways of seeing, representing and responding to contemporary life.