Audio at Play

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Room 126
Sat: 10 am-6 pm, Sun: 10 am-4 pm ~ Facebook event

Our Activity is called the Found Sound/Shared Story project, where participants will find a sound in the space using a field recorder. Participants can also record a story from their life, someone else’s life, or their imagination. The collection of sounds, and stories, modulated by our sound effect racks on our laptops, will be played in random orders and sequences to produce a generative sound-scape where it will be difficult to hear the same thing more than once, when you listen to it.


Audio@Play is dedicated to the creation, promotion and presentation of Sound Art in all of its different forms: on its own as well as integrated with other arts. There are many playful things you can now do with sound and there are many other ways to represent sound and tempt your ears through other senses.

Audio@Play is also dedicated to providing services such as sound design and operation for theatre; production of sound effects for other theatre sound designers; production of samples for musicians; production of library music for film and radio; workshops and personal instruction on composing music with a laptop, particularly with Ableton Live.