3 Things for Calgary

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Room 404
Sat: 10 am-6 pm

www.3thingsforcalgary.ca ~ Facebook page

We think one of the best Things we can do to get to know each other is to invite the neighbours over for a front yard party.  So stop by our 3 Things for Calgary “front yard” and meet a few of your 1 million neighbours.  And if you’re already thinking that’s as much awesome as you can handle in one weekend, brace yourselves, there’s 3 Things Neighbour BINGO, too!


3 Things for Calgary is an initiative of the Mayor’s Civic Engagement Committee that asks all Calgarians to: think about 3 Things you can do to make life better on your street, in your neighbourhood or for the entire city; do those 3 Things and; encourage 3 more people to do the same.  If every Calgarian did at least 3 Things for Calgary, we’d have more than 3 million actions making Calgary an even better city.  Large or small, every action we take makes a difference.