100 Thousand Poets for Change / Calgary Spoken Word Society

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Main Gym
Sat: 12-2 pm

www.100tpc.org ~ Facebook event


100 Thousand Poets for Change is a worldwide event which brings together poets in a demonstration of poetry, music, and art to promote social, environmental, and political change. Over 700 cities representing 110 countries have signed up to make this year’s global initiative a success! Visit: www.100tpc.org


Spoken Word Poetry is poetry for the people by the people and The Calgary Spoken Word Society has worked since 2003 to create a positive space for collaboration. This society gives voice to the under-represented and supports cultural diversity. We work with youth and are active in creating educational opportunities for a stronger community.

The Xth Annual Calgary Spoken Word Festival will take place April 13-21, 2013! We’re going crazy for this milestone year! Visit: www.calgaryspokenwordfestival.com