Join the WSKEO Organizing Team

We Should Know Each Other (WSKEO) will undergo some big changes in 2015, and the WSKEO Organizing Team (Mark Hopkins, Karen Ross, Hannah Ryan) needs some passionate, talented individuals to help transition the WSKEO initiative into its next phase.

To date, the majority of WSKEO events have been directly organized by the core team, occasionally in partnership with other groups. Starting in Spring 2015, we are hoping to de-centralize the WSKEO concept and empower other people to host their own events! This will involve:

  • Creating a WSKEO toolkit, distinguishing WSKEO from other social gatherings and providing tips on how to host a successful WSKEO event.
  • Developing a new model for overseeing expanded WSKEO activities, drawing on such examples as Little Free Library, TEDx, PechaKucha, etc.
  • Providing support (in the form of marketing, publicity, training, facilitation, co-hosting, a centralized website, social media, etc.) to new WSKEO hosts.
  • Expanding partnerships with other individuals and organizations engaged in community-bridging initiatives.

We are seeking volunteers with a passion for bridging diverse communities, and with skills in:

  • Systems change and adaptive thinking;
  • Diversity outreach and safe(r) spaces;
  • Group facilitation;
  • Volunteer coordination;
  • Event planning & production;
  • Web development and management; and
  • Any other skills related to bridging communities. Surprise us!

The WSKEO Organizing Team is composed of volunteers with flexible hours and no fixed workplace. The time commitment will vary, depending on concentration of activities and your particular volunteer focus.

To apply, please send an expression of interest to This could include a CV, cover letter, video, invitation to coffee, etc. There is no fixed application deadline, but we will be actively recruiting throughout December 2014-January 2015.