We Should Know Each Other: Calgary #117 – Flood Edition

The flood has taken a toll on every Calgarian. We’ve been evacuated from our homes, seen beloved landmarks submerged in brown water and learned what it means to live in a state of emergency.

But, perhaps more importantly, we’ve seen inspiring displays of community. Emergency workers and public officials have shown incredible heroism; Calgarians have opened their homes to friends, family and strangers; evacuation centres are brimming with volunteers and supplies. As Mayor Nenshi said last night, “Know that we’ll get through this together. The spirit of Calgary has never burned more brightly.”

There is no better time for Calgarians to come together, to celebrate each other and our city. Join us for two special flood editions of We Should Know Each Other.

Because Mark’s Sunnyside apartment is in an evacuated zone, two households have stepped up to host in his place! We’re being asked to avoid non-essential travel, so we’ve got an event in the North AND one in the South.

If you’re in the North, join Yelp’s Community Manager, Wendy, at 917 Rundle Crescent NE.

If you’re in the South, head to Rob, Nancy and Heather’s house at 7208 Kananaskis Dr SW.

This is our city. Let’s come together and celebrate it.

We Should Know Each Other #117
Sunday, June 23, 2013 – 7:00-10:00 pm
NORTH: Wendy’s abode, 917 Rundle Crescent NE
SOUTH: Rob, Nancy & Heather’s house, 7208 Kananaskis Dr SW