WSKEO Book Club: Damned Nations, by Samantha Nutt, M.D.

We should know each other! That’s been established. But how do we meet people from distant countries, or separated by years of history? A timeworn answer, of course, is through books!

Every month, the We Should Know Each Other Book Club will explore thought-provoking literature, alternating between non-fiction and literary genres. Come for one session or all of them, and be ready for a stimulating discussion full of diverse perspectives.

If you want to suggest a book, or if you have any questions about the WSKEO Book Club, e-mail Mark Hopkins at

Our first book is Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies & Aidby Samantha Nutt, M.D (who will be in Calgary on March 20 to receive the Calgary Peace Prize!)

In 1995, twenty-five-year-old Samantha Nutt, a recent medical school graduate and a field volunteer for UNICEF, touched down in Baidoa, Somalia, “the City of Death.” What she saw there – gangs of young men roaming the streets armed with rocket launchers; a woman in a clinic line holding a dead baby; an aid agency working in such an unsafe environment that its workers had to travel with armed escorts high on drugs – would spur her on to a lifetime of passionate advocacy for children and families in war-torn areas around the world.

Damned Nations is the distillation of Dr. Nutt’s observations over the course of fifteen years providing hands-on care in some of the world’s most violent flashpoints, all the while building the world class non-profit War Child North America. Combining original research with her personal story, it is a deeply thoughtful meditation on war as it is being waged around the world against millions of civilians — primarily women and children. Nutt’s boundless energy, dedication, and compassion shine through on every page as she lays out real, lasting solutions to these problems and shows how to move beyond outdated notions of charity towards a more progressive, inclusive and respectful world view.

The Calgary Public Library has nine copies of Damned Nations, and it’s also available as an eBook. If you wish to purchase your own copy, identify yourself as a member of the WSKEO Book Club at Pages Books on Kensington to get a 10% discount!

WSKEO Book Club: Damned Nations
Wednesday, March 12, 2014 – 7:30-9:00 pm
Pages Books on Kensington, 1135 Kensington Road NW
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