We Should Know Each Other: Calgary #133

You’re invited! Join us for an exciting evening of conversation and ideas, where you can meet a fantastic group of friendly Calgarians… PLUS, peruse the WSKEO Lending Library!

We Should Know Each Other is a crossroad of communities. It provides a welcoming space for connection across difference, where you can stretch the limits of your social circle and encounter a vivid diversity of perspectives.

You’re welcome to come alone, but you’re encouraged to invite:

– Somebody who’s never attended WSKEO (to help the circle expand); OR
– Somebody you want to know better.

See you there!

We Should Know Each Other #133
Sunday, April 6, 2014 – 7:00-11:00 pm
Mark’s apartment, #4 714 5A St NW (buzzer: M Hopkins)
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NOTE: This We Should Know Each Other event will be audio- and video-recorded as part of a University of Calgary research project evaluating We Should Know Each Other. These recordings will only be viewed by the four researchers and one participant, who will be attending the event, who has agreed to be interviewed later about his/her experience. The recording of the event will not be made public in any way, but the participant and researchers will re-watch the recording later and may comment on the conversations and interactions that take place. The participant’s comments will then be included as data for the research. Any identifying information will be removed. The recording will then be erased. If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Stelnicki at amstelni@ucalgary.ca.