We Should Know Each Other #101

Sunday, October 21 – 7:00-11:00 pm
Mark’s apartment, 714 5A St NW (buzzer: M. Hopkins)

We Should Know Each Other #100 was a massive, epic, community-building extravaganza that hosted more than 2,500 people. How do you top that?!

You don’t.

#100 was a milestone, and now that it’s over, it’s time to figure out where the We Should Know Each Other parties go from here.

Should WSKEO be franchised, with events in different cities? Should it partner with groups around Calgary? Offer themed events, like “We Should Know Each Other’s Parents” or “We Should Know Each Other Intimately”? Let’s chat about the future of WSKEO in the comfort of my living room!

Since February 2008, I’ve been hosting WSKEO events that invite you to relax and meet a host of fascinating people. We’ve had artists, engineers, police officers, accountants, journalists, politicians and more, and there’s always a great mix of personalities and stimulating conversations.

‘We Should Know Each Other’ is an opportunity to step outside of your social circle and meet the fantastic diversity of people that surround you.

You’re welcome to come alone, but if you are planning to attend, I encourage you to invite:

– Somebody I don’t know (to help the circle expand); OR
– Somebody you want to know better.

See you there!