We Should Know Each Other: Making Connections Across the Ability Spectrum

In many ways, our social and physical environments prevent us from creating and maintaining healthy, authentic relationships between people across the ability spectrum. Too often, we let fear or discomfort prevent us from interacting with those with different ability-sets or bodies. Instead, let’s connect with each other!

Whether you identify as disabled or not, this event is for you. If you feel that this is at the edge of your comfort zone (or beyond!), this event is for you.

This is a safe, respectful, meet-and-greet space for all participants to explore connection and friendship. There are no predetermined topics for conversation. However, please be open to conversation related to ability-diversity if that is of interest to you. For example, someone may pose the question “What language do you prefer? Do you identify as disabled, or as someone with a disability, or…?” Individuals should feel free to ask well-intentioned questions if they are curious, or politely refuse to ask/answer questions of this nature if they feel discomfort.

Event organizers and volunteers will act as Awesomeness Ambassadors to help facilitate connections. If you’re feeling shy, you can talk to an Ambassador!

This event is located in a wheelchair accessible space. If you would like to participate and require other accommodations, please contact Emily at ejhutche@gmail.com

We Should Know Each Other: Making Connections Across the Ability Spectrum
Sunday, September 15, 2013 – 7:00-11:00 pm
CommunityWise Resource Centre – 223 12th Ave SW, Calgary AB
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