We Should Know Each Other in the World

Occasionally, We Should Know Each Other takes a jaunt into the world, appearing in talks, books and more! Here are a few examples.

We Should Know City Hall

In September 2012, we teamed up with 3 Things for Calgary and CivicCamp to hold We Should Know City Hall. Now, check out this video re-cap of the event with some great tips on civic engagement!

TEDxCalgary: City 2.0

Mark had the opportunity to speak about We Should Know Each Other at TEDxCalgary’s City 2.0 event. Here’s the video:

A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home: Building Community, Inspiration and Creativity in Western Canada is the third and final book in the Canada West Foundation‘s Extraordinary West series. In it, authors Sheila O’Brien and Shawna Stirrett present an inspiring vision on how to make western Canada a true home for those that live here, rather than just a nice house.

This vision was developed through a series of exceptional conversations with community builders, artists, political leaders and storytellers in western Canada who explore what it takes to create a society that is both grounded and aspirational so that everyone can achieve their full potential.

Copies of the book can be purchased via the Canada West Foundation.

Crave Calgary

Mark was featured in this 30-minute documentary by author, activist and filmmaker Erwin Raphael McManus, made up of a series of interviews with Calgarians – from CEOs, celebrities, entrepreneurs and business leaders, to musicians, artists, chefs and fashion designers.